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Information about the cycling path

Get on your bike to follow the tracks!
From the northern part of Vienna, a local railroad line once made its way from Austria's capital to the southern Weinviertel region. Today, this historic old train route is open to cyclists, who not only learn a lot about historic trains, but also experience the pretty rolling countryside typical for the Weinviertel.

Go from northern Vienna to southern Weinviertel
"Dampfross", or steam-horse, is the affectionate German name for a steam-driven locomotive from the railroad's pioneer days. And "Drahtesel" (wire-donkey) is the humorous equivalent for a bike. That's why "Dampfross & Drahtesel" is the endearing name we've given to this family-friendly adventure bike trail, winding its way from Stammersdorf in northern Vienna to the southern Weinviertel region, and from there via Strasshof and Gerasdorf back to Vienna.

Just follow the tracks
The roughly 50-kilometer bike trail runs along a former railroad line that once linked the rural countryside with the Danube metropolis. Not only does the flat trail make for easy cycling, it also features 10 fun rest stops where you can get off your bike, look around, and admire the scenery - making it an ideal trail for families, couples, or groups, especially since it's so easy to access by public transportation.

Get a hands-on experience of rail history
The trail's rest stops feature a creative, whimsical design while recounting fascinating details from the history of the railroad. You can learn what the signals on the railroad tracks stand for, what life was like for the workers who helped lay the tracks, why each station used to have its own "station tree", and much more.

An audio book on the bike trail
If you know a little German, you'll be in for a special treat at some of the stops along the trail: popular Austrian actor Wolfgang Böck has recorded an audio book allowing you to delve even deeper into the charming world of regional railroads. At selected stops along the former railroad line, the actor entertains you with a brief history of Austrian rail travel, tells about the first steam locomotives, and explains what they meant to people back then.

A flexible cycling tour
The approximately 50 kilometer-long bike tour departs from Stammersdorf, a Heurigen (wine tavern) district in northern Vienna easily accessible by public transportation. Two express trains take you from the center of Vienna to the southern Weinviertel region: the S1 (to Deutsch Wagram, Helmahof or Straßhof) and the S2 (to Obersdorf). This allows you to start your flexible tour from other towns or even shorten it – if 50 kilometers seems a bit long. The last section of the Dampfross & Drahtesel bike tour takes you from Deutsch Wagram along the Marchfeld Canal cycle path back to Stammersdorf. Originally built to supply water to the Marchfeld farming area, the waterway has since evolved to become a real natural habitat for endangered flora and fauna. It's a gorgeous, nature-filled finish to a cycling tour that's both relaxing and full of variety!